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Planet Earth

Planet Earth 2006 More than five years in the making by BBC, Planet Earth is a great nature documentary series. The series allows you to soar to the highest mountain tops in the world, dance on the tallest tree tops, and swim in the deepest oceans without leaving home. The series would also be an indispensible teaching and educational aid.

Planet Earth includes eleven episodes, plus behind the scenes featurettes for each episode and a behind the scenes look at the equipment, technology, and danger that went into filming the series.

Stars : Patrick Stewart

Episode 01 : From Pole to Pole
Planet Earth - Episode 01 - From Pole to Pole

Episode 02 : Mountains
Planet Earth - Episode 02 - Mountains

Episode 03 : Fresh Water
Planet Earth - Episode 03 - Fresh Water

Episode 04 : Caves
Planet Earth - Episode 04 - Caves

Episode 05 : Deserts
Planet Earth - Episode 05 - Deserts

Episode 06 : Ice Worlds
Planet Earth - Episode 06 - Ice Worlds

Episode 07 : Great Plains
Planet Earth - Episode 07 - Great Plains

Episode 08 : Jungles
Planet Earth - Episode 08 - Jungles

Episode 09 : Shwallow Seas
Planet Earth - Episode 09 - Shwallow Seas

Episode 10 : Seasonal Forests
Planet Earth - Episode 10 - Seasonal Forests

Episode 11 : Ocean Deep
Planet Earth - Episode 11 - Ocean Deep

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