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Virtual Trip Guilin

Virtual Trip Guilin 2011 Guilin is located in the southwest of Nanling Mountains, with an average elevation of 150 meters, is a typical "karst" Karst topography, all over the city hundreds of millions of years of weathering of limestone by erosion, forming a ring Shiqianfeng stand, hold the city of water, the hole the unique beauty of the landscape rocks, is the world reputation as a "Semiotic." One of the most representative sites are: Elephant Trunk Hill, Fubo, Nanxishan, Yaoshan, Solitary Beauty Peak, Seven Star Crags, Reed Flute Cave, Zengpiyan, Crown Cave, the Ming Dynasty King City, Ronghu, Cedar Lake. We are talking of the Lijiang River's most exciting period in the territory of Yangshuo, Guilin other counties also have numerous beauty waiting for us to go browsing, Dragon Ridge Terrace, Larix Lingqu, owned river rafting, river rafting five rows, Bajiaozhai , Baoding Waterfall will bring you more surprise.

Guilin is a cultural city. Two thousand years of history, it has a rich cultural heritage. After the emperor unified the country thinking, set Guilin county, cut Lingqu, communication, Xiangjiang and Lijiang. Guilin has become the Nantong area from the north of the Central Plains of the city. Song Dynasty, it has been Guangxi's political, economic and cultural center, known as "Southwest will be the government," until the new China was founded. In the long years, Guilin Qishanxiushui attracting numerous men of letters, so that they wrote many famous poems and articles, more than two thousand pieces of carved stone and wall books, in addition, history has also left here Many monuments and sites. These unique landscape, Guilin has been the "Mountain-like reading of history, see the mountains, such as about art," the praise. Anti-Japanese War, Guilin, a famous cultural city in China, a large number of patriotic writers and artists gathered here to write a new chapter in Japanese culture. Long history of this ancient and beautiful land gave birth to a rich culture.

For thousands of years, Guilin tourism has been one of the treasure. Now, a center of Guilin, including the scenic surrounding 12 counties has been formed. There is vast green forests, magnificent rugged mountainous valleys, rapids Pentium Xiquan waterfalls, terraced mountains Wonderful world... In a magical land, live in the Zhuang, Yao, Miao, Dong, Mulam, hair is difficult and a dozen other ethnic minorities. Big natural scenery in Guilin, ethnic customs, history and culture, deeply attracted foreign tourists and heads of state pour in, linger.

US-hole stone forest of osmanthus picturesque scenery that the Semiotic Green mountains, hills, odd holes, rock beauty, laurel forest, that of Guilin.

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