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BBC : Human Planet

BBC - Human Planet 2011 Human Planet is an 8-part British television documentary series. It is produced by the BBC with co-production from Discovery and BBC Worldwide. It describes the human species and its relationship with the natural world by showing the remarkable ways humans have adapted to life in every environment on Earth.

Announced in 2007, the production teams based at the BBC Natural History Unit in Bristol and BBC Wales spent three years shooting over 70 stories in some of the most remote locations on Earth spanning about 40 countries. Each episode of the series focuses on a different human-inhabited environment, including deserts, jungles, the Arctic, grasslands, rivers, mountains, oceans, and the urban landscape.

Narrated by John Hurt.
Source : WikiPedia

Episode 1 : Oceans – Into the Blue

Human Planet 2011 Oceans – Into the Blue

  • Goose Barnacle collection in northern Spain
  • Sperm whale hunting in the Indonesian archipelago
  • Dolphin assisted fishing in Brazil
  • The origin of surfing in Hawaii
  • Shark calling in Papua New Guinea
  • Compressor diving in the Philippines
  • Nationless Bajau people in the coral sea near Borneo
Behind the Lens : Compressor diving in the Philippines.

Episode 2 : Deserts – Life in the Furnace

Human Planet 2011 Deserts – Life in the Furnace

  • Sandstorm and cattle herding near elephants in Mali
  • Fishing in Antogo lake after it has shrunk by evaporating water
  • Tubu women crossing the Sahara with a camel caravan in Niger
  • Camel herders in the Gobi Desert
  • Moisture farming in the Atacama desert
  • Underground aqueducts in Algeria
  • Fertility dance of the Wodaabe in Niger
Behind the Lens : Tubu women crossing the Sahara with a camel caravan in Niger.

Episode 3 : Arctic – Life in the Deep Freeze

Human Planet 2011 Arctic – Life in the Deep Freeze

  • Hunting Greenland sharks in Greenland
  • Gathering Mussels in North-Eastern Canada
  • Hunting Narwhals in Greenland
  • Catching Auks in Greenland; making a Kiviak
  • Herding Reindeer in Norway
  • Removing Polar Bears in Churchill, Manitoba
Behind the Lens : Hunting Narwhals in Greenland.

Episode 4 : Jungles – People of the Trees

Human Planet 2011 Jungles – People of the Trees

  • Hunting Monkeys with the Matis in Brazil
  • Hunting Tarantulas in Venezuela
  • Monkey breastfeeding Awá Guajá people from eastern Amazon
  • Hunting birds of paradise for plumage used to crown costumes at the Sing-sing event in Papua New Guinea
  • Gathering Honey with the Bayaka in the Congo Jungle
  • Transporting timber using Asian elephants in Assam, India
  • Filming Uncontacted peoples in Brazil
  • Building treehouses 35 metres high with the Korowai in West Papua
Behind the Lens : Building treehouses 35 metres high with the Korowai in West Papua.

Episode 5 : Mountains – Life in Thin Air

Human Planet 2011 Mountains – Life in Thin Air

  • Hunting with Golden eagles in the Altai mountains of Mongolia
  • Battling Gelada monkeys in the Semien mountains of Ethiopia
  • Sulphur mining the inside Ijen crater on the Indonesian island of Java
  • Catching Giant Bats in the New Guinea Highlands
  • Avalanche control in the Swiss Alps
  • Cataract Surgery in the Himalayas, Nepal
  • Tibetan sky burial
Behind the Lens : Hunting with Golden Eagles in the Altai Mountains.

Episode 6 : Grasslands – Roots of Power

Human Planet 2011 Grasslands – Roots of Power

  • Dorobo people stealing food from a lion pride in Kenya
  • Ambushing kudu in the Kalahari
  • Trapping water snakes in Cambodia's flooded grasslands
  • Maasai boys and a honeyguide working together to find honey
  • Swarming quelea attacking rice crops in Tanzania
  • Horsemanship on the Mongolian steppe
  • Donga fights of Ethiopia's Suri tribesmen
  • Cattle mustering by helicopter in the Australian outback
Behind the Lens : Stealing food from a lion pride in Kenya.

Episode 7 : Rivers – Friend and Foe

Human Planet 2011 Rivers – Friend and Foe

  • Traversing the Mekong's cataracts during the monsoon
  • A winter trek to school along the frozen Zanskar River
  • Icebreaking with dynamite on the Rideau River in Ottawa
  • Moving a house from a collapsing river bank in Bangladesh
  • Preparing for the annual flood on Brazil's Rio Negro
  • Fishing on the edge of Victoria Falls
  • Samburu people tracking elephants to locate water below a dry river bed in northern Kenya
  • Plastering the mud-walled mosque of Djenné
  • The living bridges of Meghalaya
Behind the Lens : Traversing the Mekong's cataracts during the monsoon.

Episode 8 : Cities – Surviving the Urban Jungle

Human Planet 2011 Cities – Surviving the Urban Jungle

  • Falconry in Dubai
  • Elk control in Estes Park, Colorado
  • Rhesus Macaque infested market in Jaipur
  • Rat-catching in New York City
  • Bedbug infestation in London
  • Pigeon rearing in Fes
  • Living with free-tailed bats in Austin, Texas
  • Rescuing fawns in Rajasthan
  • Life on a landfill dump in Mombasa
  • Building the green city Masdar in Abu Dhabi
  • Beekeeping in New York City
Behind the Lens : Collection of filming experiences from all habitats.

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